A budget unparalleled. Hyped to extremes. Did it live up to the controversy?

User Rating: 8 | Star Wars: The Old Republic PC
Fans of the original Star Wars Galaxies before the alterations from a sandbox game to a generic MMO were in complete shock when they heard the rumors of an upcoming Star Wars MMORPG that was to take place in the Old Republic era of the Star Wars Universe. In fact, gamers from around every corner and league were expecting to receive a solid structure with hopes aimed high and fantastical thoughts finally materialized. Did the expectations live up to this hype?

Initial thoughts were running high. The graphics at first were exceptional, not at all cartoony like earlier previews I've seen. Running a 5970 frame-rates were great with everything turned to max. Players were floating around everywhere because of the launch. A slight disappointment came when the first few quest were very generic and World of Warcraft inspired. It's actually what I was expecting. Though each quest for Experience Points brought with it exceptional voice-acting and Star Wars themed sound. The implementation was similar to Knights of the Old Republic and the voice work as I would later discover was grand by all accounts. Though relatively disappointed with the repetitive classic hack'n'slash generic MMORPG inspired combat, I was discouraged.

Throughout later experience I found myself enjoying the main storyline. Apparently each characters class brought its own twist to the tale as I would later discover. Some of the higher loot and experience points came from dungeons. In order to defeat these higher ranked enemies one had to join with another group. This was exciting. My first few experiences of grouping was very enjoyable in respect to World of Warcraft and previous endeavors. The combinations of different classes in a group would prove to be fun and interesting. Working together with teammates also came with a bonus, like an improved interface in comparison with the other games of its type.

Final thoughts:

While the graphics proved colorful and immerse the sound quality and voice acting was exceptional. The interface proved better than World of Warcraft or any other MMORPG from my perspective. I found myself enjoying the game more than any other game of its type before released. The Warzone PvP system was broken but still PvP was fun and worthwhile. As of recent they have added more Warzone PvP maps and planned on expanding the arenas. Overall the repetitiveness and lack of real innovation was quite disappointing. I found myself killing mobs for hours as my life slowly wasted away, which is expected from classic MMORPG style games, I just was hoping The Old Republic would prove an exception. Being the most solid MMORPG I've ever played and offering an impressive 30 GB plus of content, The Old Republic is definitely worth trying just for the storyline and the experience exceeds all the other MMORPG games today.

So did the expectations live up to this hype? Not in my experience.