If only EA could be wiped from the earth and replaced with decent game managment.

User Rating: 5 | Star Wars: The Old Republic PC
Bought it when it launched, played for a month. Quit. Went back about 2 weeks ago to try the F2P model. The game is Ok, but as ussual EA couldnt manage an ant farm and run these games into the ground with horrible customer service.

I was really annoyed by the Error text above your character which pretty much stops you from using any type of Keybinds or macros while playing. Huge disapontment to google and find that develo-pers just ignore the player community asking for a simple fix for somthing as simple as error text since late 2011, and even having a dev response in 2012 that they were looking into it and here we are in 2013 and they cant be bothered to do such a simple fix.

The community on the servers I tried out are also horrible, same type of flammers and cry babies found in most the MMO's today made it painfull to even want to group for a flashpoint.

I enjoyed the story lines but in the end I canceled my sub after 2 weeks and put my SWTOR deluxe edition back in the hole I dug for all my EA games I have purchased and been disapointed with.

After Simcity being junk, SWTOR being run by morons, BF3 is Ok, ME3 was ok, Sim3 was ok if im in the mood to waste my time and buy expansion pack #12394861827308273.

Blahh, EA has pretty much jaded me to the point i will never buy another EA game.