Either subscribe or don't play it!

User Rating: 1 | Star Wars: The Old Republic PC
Well, needles to say I am a HUGE FAN of the Star Wars franchise. I played the game while it had the 15-level free trial, and it was really good, had me excited for F2P.

What. A. Disappointment.

I cannot stress enough how much this potential masterpiece disappointed me. I am a F2P MMO gamer, since I don't want to take money out of my parents' wallets just to pay monthly so I could play a bloody game. Even when I finish my studies and get a job, I will still have no intention on paying to play MMO games.

The game was great during the 15-level trial. But what came afterwards was abysmal. The F2P restrictions are so ridiculous that it's unbelievable. It is sorta like this: "We're sorry, but in order to move backwards, you must subscribe to SW:TOR."

You cannot use the most powerful gear in the game without playing.
Your companions' skills are limited to 1 unless you pay.
You can't use the bank/storage unless you pay.
You cannot use chat unless you pay.
You can't send mail unless you pay.
You can choose only 3 species during char creation unless you pay.
You can play 3 space missions and flashpoint A WEEK, unless you pay.
Oh yeah, you cannot breathe or move your camera unless - you guessed it - YOU FILL BIOWARE'S DEEP POCKETS WITH DOUGH!

Needles to say, there are many more ridiculous F2P restrictions. And even though most stuff can be unlocked with in-game currency (credits), as a F2P gamer, you're limited to having 200.000 credits on you. Unlocking the ability to equip purple gear costs 350.000. See where I'm getting at? Even though you can unlock the restrictions, most of them cost WAY more that you can even have on yourself. This your idea of a bad joke, BioWare?!

Just. Don't. Play this game. If you're gonna play F2P, you love Star Wars, MMO games, your wallet and your mental healt - just don't. I am not hating on the game, nor am I counter-advertising it. I'm just pointing out the facts.

You have been warned!!!