"The Force" is definitely strong in this game ;) Hundreds of hours of high quality fun to be had here.

User Rating: 9 | Star Wars: The Old Republic PC
I have played this game off and on since beta testing and have experience with about a dozen other mmo's, and this one is a real gem.

The game is set during the time of the "Old Republic" ( a long time before the movies) and promises an epic gaming experience. And it delivers on that promise. The game launched a little over a year ago, and although the developer (Bioware-EA) has since been bought out by EA, forced to go f2p, and experienced several instances of restructuring, they have risen to meet their challenges and have emerged from them with rewarding game that manages to provide tons of potential for immersive, story driven fun that has already lasted for countless hours and seems capable of countless more.

As i stated previously, the story is inspired and the game play is usually smooth and stress free. The graphics are also fairly impressive for an mmo.

Bottom Line: Particularly because of the addition of the f2p option, there is no excuse why every gamer shouldn't try this game. I have, of course, heard complaints about this game and about the developers at bioware, but I take them with a grain a salt and you should too. Mmo players are notorious for being whiny and impetuous in general so don't trust the "trolls" out there badmouthing the game.

Simply put: I value my time too much to waste it on something that is sub par or just so-so. I would not still be playing this game if it wasn't really, really good