Returning player, 12 characters at max, returning is worth it if you subscribe.

User Rating: 8 | Star Wars: The Old Republic PC
Hey everyone, I have as mentioned 12 characters that ive lvled to max , and ive played Swtor since the beta. I will admit this, the game was so bugged and flawed dispite the great story lines, i abandoned the game for a long while, meanwhile the developpers patched and patched , i decided to try the F2P (free to play) version first when i returned, but came to the conclusion that too many things are locked down, you dont get enough inventory space, several other things are locked down, so i decided to subscribe for a month just to try it out again, to see if it was a fail or if it was worth returning to as my main MMO, i play for many many hours each day so what ever i play i want to be good and worth investing my time and money in., and i can tell you , it is definately worth spending the money to subscribe. Bioware/EA games have managed to patch and fix a lot of the initial problems and sure there are balance issues when it comes to pvp, but overall i think its a really good game, so dont go with the free to play model for the game.. or as its been named by the community due to allowing same sex romance in some places (with companions characters), it got the nickname of free to gay. As the old saying goes, you dont get something for nothing, so get your hands out of your.. , and find the pocket change to be entertained for a long while. This were my two cents worth if anyone has an interest in reading it.
have a nice day :)