Huge potential, most of it unused.

User Rating: 7 | Star Wars: The Old Republic PC
This is a bit late, but I thought I share my thoughts now that my subscription is coming to an end. Yes, I was a late-comer, even though I participated in the beta as well.

First let me start with the positives.

- It is Star Wars. The main reason why I actually wanted to subscribe to this game, was this.
- Every character has a different, own story line. And seemingly you have loads of different options to choose your character from.
- Familiarity. Places and characters feel as if they come from Star Wars universe.
- At first the awe factor and the feeling that it is going to be epic.

Then the negatives.

- After a certain amount of time you realise there is nothing more to it than kill this and kill that.
- Quests. Relates to aforementioned; all the quests are pretty much the same, go there and kill x amount of or kill these enough to get x amount of data discs or whatnot. Return to quest giver and repeat with another.
- Same goes with all the planets. Quests never change. Once you have cleared a planet, you go to a different one and start all over again. Again; repeat and repeat.
- Planets are treated as "level zones" instead of open world. What I mean by this is that one planet is for character levels 1-10, next one 11-20 etc. You can't really choose what to do and where to go and combined with previous negative point about planets, it just doesn't work.
- The overall feeling of wasted potential. It is Star Wars for crying out loud.

I was really excited about this game after participating in the beta. I thought it had all the potential in the world to be, what it proclaimed, a proper WoW killer.

All the resources, all the lore, everything was on its side. However, it just didn't deliver.
I hate to say it, but in the end its nothing but a grind-fest with Star Wars theme on top.

It could have been, no offence to anyone, one of those Korean MMORPGs where you just grind for levels endlessly. Yes, there is a story and spoken dialogue, but in the end, it doesn't really matter, because like I said, the quests are repetitive and nothing ever changes.

The fact that you could have made every planet completely different, maybe with Pazaak tournaments, a bit of pod racing, proper crafting etc. would have made this game into what it could have been. Now it is just a rather forced run through of different planets with the same thing over and over again.

It had such a huge potential, of which most was completely wasted.

I had fun for few months, so I won't say it was money wasted or anything, but I do honestly believe it could have been a lot more.