SWTOR F2P is frustrating - the goal is to frustrate the f2p player to the point of buying the game

User Rating: 5 | Star Wars: The Old Republic PC
Good : Graphics, Game mechanic

Bad : Server Connectivity, support, ridiculous f2p restrictions that harm the player experience of the game

Ok, this is mostly regarding SWTOR F2P rpg mode, the story is shallow, the connectivity is very bad, just to see how bad it is,some times I couldn't connect at all. The support is nonexistent.

But the true issue are the F2p restrictions that injured the player experience to the point that you can't play the game or have to buy it. Content restrictions and "pay to win" for me it's normal ( not ok, but almost everybody is doing that), I see it in every MMO that is f2p. But restrict user interface, craft system,and increasing difficulty by removing experience is utterly stupid (-25% experience for f2p). You only have 2 slot bar in UI to use with your skills, and you have a lot of skills!! I didn't use the craft system because I didn't have bank and storage enough for everything. Also a f2p can't pvp because you cannot equip the best equipment and weapons that you receive just by killing normal mobs.

In one word : Frustrating