A fantastic game, if it were left as a single player game.

User Rating: 3.5 | Star Wars: The Old Republic PC
From first log in the game captures you in a way never before accomplished in an MMO, with a fantastic story that sucks you in and urges you forward in the grind towards your max level and the completion of this story.

I found the worlds to be beautifully and artistically designed, each with it's own story coinciding with your own personal class story, which isn't really personal to you since every other player of the same class experiences the exact same story.

The story itself was very gripping, and made the world I was in feel alive and like experiencing a unique star wars adventure.

That was the good part of the game. However bioware was setting out to create an MMORPG. Let's step back a moment to see what that means, Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game.

With servers that are marked as full with only a few hundred players, that hardly classifies as massive. Secondly each world separated into instances of the same planet, albeit a great shortcut to eliminating latency is to me, a horrid decision. Nothing feels massive about a planet with only 15 people on it due to you being in the instance that happens to be sparsely populated.you

This game fails to make you feel like you and your fellow players are truly a part of the world, rather we are experiencing biowares world. Throughout the development of this game I heard so many friggin times from the developers about the choices you make and how they truly will have a profound impact on the game. In reality your choices matter nothing, you still follow the same path laid out for you in your class story.

PvP is an utter abortion. You can't experience a war zone without your framerate dropping to nearly unplayable levels even if you happen to have a super computer as your gaming rig, forget about world PvP in any respectable sense.

Let's examine the social aspect of the game. In a certain other Star wars mmo that has been shut down, you had a phoenominal community, and places in game to be able to do whatever you want whether its camping the corpses of your enemy, or just relaxing for some conversation in a cantina.

SWTOR lacks even the simple staple of MMO conversation known as chat bubbles. Leaving your only hope of conversation relegated to a worthless chat box in the top corner of your screen. Thus any sandbox role playing is nearly impossible. So much for the role playing portion of rpg. Unless you count playing the role of the character bioware wrote for you.

In short. SWTOR fails to make me feel like I am living in and a part of the star wars universe like star wars galaxies once did. I feel like I am a spectator playing as a character that is not me, or at least an alter ego of me.

The story was great, but bioware should have kept this as a single player game. They would have been better off. While their subscriber base is currently growing, I feel the majority of them will not remain once they have expended their gameplay options. As an mmo, TOR fails to captivate.