Is this what MMOs are about?

User Rating: 5 | Star Wars: The Old Republic PC

I keep reading reviews saying this is the most polished, playable MMO out there. I never played a MMO before, and now do not plan to play any ever again. I got to level 8 as a Jedi and didn't have any fun. I finally got my light saber, and very stupidly, there was a "forge guardian" I had to fight. I fought to get there, and now had to fight to leave.

It is like an accountant type game. If I push this button, then I can push this button, and if I wait long enough I can push this button. It just was not for me, this turn basedness. I found it boring and tedious, and didn't care to progress any further, or play it ever again. I erased it off my drive.

If you like MMOs, this may be for you, but I could not get into it.