Not bad.

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Wars: The Old Republic PC
Good personal stories,nice mishes from all maps. PvP is nice,I am no PvP player so if I like PvP here it's really something. The huge map though is somewhat of a lonely place,nice places to see n explore but in some instance really, one just feels lonely. The traveling speed too is very slow if u r running about at low lvls without spder but that is not a huge issues. The other nice thing about this game is that even on solo missions and PvE maps u feel like doing PvP which is very nice imo. Feels like you are watching a show or movie.
The skills and crew skills give you something else to learn about the game. Not all games allow you to learn,some just do nothing but mishes n pvp. SWTOR if u want to do well in mishes,PvP n stuff u need to put in effort to learn the stuff in game. The morality choices in a way sometimes reflect your own character in real life unless u purposely want to make it light or dark side for your toon.