this is why consoles are better game systems

User Rating: 5 | Star Wars: The Old Republic PC
i have super fast broad band with no lag. Fact 25meg tested. but the servers for this game are far from it, lag is a joke on this game and seeing as you cant play with out it its very frustrating. also the servers are constantly offline for new content/fixing. it has a wonderful trait of crashing mid battle so you return to find yourself dead allot. the controls are sluggish and irritating in the lay out. if you have a question about anything the help option is less than useless. all it cant tell you is ways to pay or why your payment wont work. eg. it changed my view to first person and in help there is no mention of how to change it back. even trying to create a password for this game doesn't work properly. you follow the instructions and it still wont work. this game is the reasons why game consoles will always be superior its a hole lot of hard work just to play whats supposed to be a bit of fun. the game itself is ok. the missions are all basically the same and you have to repeat the same battles over and over just to move around which gets very boring very fast. yes its massive yes it multiplayer, yes it doesn't work properly, if this was anything other than star wars it would have died on its arse