What a kick in the face...

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Anyone else feel this way?

I was a dedicated player since beta for this game. I waited 4 years for it and when it finally came, I played the hell out of it and loved every minute of it. Shortly after 1.2, the amazing patch that it was, I felt so shafted that I spent so much time in a game that was only now half as great as it could have been when they released that patch. Too much too late. I left around a couple of months after this because of it.

I come back glad and happy to hear its now F2P. However with the cartel coins, (as everyone knows) you have to subscribe to receieve any of your so called "earned" coins! On top of that, the offer EXPIRES in January!

This is how they treat their dedicated past subscribers?? Even more, they KNOW they are kicking us all in the face, so they disable forum posting access for preferred players even! They don't want to man up to their complete BS.

Preferred status means **** as well, its hardly much better than F2P.

I never ever get annoyed at games, I usually accept most of what they do and if I don't, I just move on. But this is so ridiculous. I went from a huge defender, to understanding and agreeing with the problems, to now feeling anguish towards something I used to love.

I'm sure EA is to blame, and they just made me not like them even more.

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The irony of course, is that EA is shutting down the servers for their other no-longer played games.

The thing failed, they're trying to suck what they can before disposing of the corpse.