Is it really that bad to everyone? is WoW that much better?

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I've been playing for about a month and just beat the main story line and as far as an mmorpg goes i am completely satisfied. Granted there are things that can be changed for the better such as pvp but i really enjoy this game as an mmorpg. The reason i keep saying "as an mmorpg" is because this is not my first and it won't be my last (i'd like to check out GW2) but i played WoW before cataclysm came out and i can't tell you how displeased i was with the game. I played WoW for 2 weeks straight and at lvl 30 i said f*** this game. I felt like i had gotten no where. I was displeased with overall gameplay. I felt like the game was just non stop running from point to point. Call me crazy but finding some seashells for whatever reason in a fantasy rpg is not my idea of fun. I know that your probably gonna say thats just the beginning of the game. I was lvl 30 fighting some stupid crabs on the beach or something it was a while back. Not only are the quests dull but the combat itself is mundane. I found some satisfaction in the occasional epic battles but the most part i found combat extremely white. By "white" i mean its nice to look at every once in a while but for the most part its very dull and gets old fast. All this would be some what acceptable for a single play through if the graphics were halfway decent. Now i know its an older game and maybe if i had played it when they were decent i may have been able to look past it. But square or "angled" rendering just isn't doing it for me anymore. I played star wars as my next mmorpg i took a long break after WoW. I played DCUO but i don't really consider it an mmorpg. Anyway i find the story intriguing, and combat mode with auto attack turned off much more gripping with a kind of on-the-edge-of-your-seat type combat style. Like i said there is definitely room for improvement. I'm starting to get kind of sick of seeing the comment in reviews that it doesn't change up the formula enough. I don't care about that, I care about how good the game is. The graphics aren't the best but i can look past it. I love the companion system; i find it to be very helpful and useful system especially with crafting. Graphics were acceptable. Graphics are like powdered sugar and the game is the french toast to some the powdered sugar is a must but i'm fine as long as the french toast is good. In this games case i didn't quite get as much sugar as i'd want but i'm happy with what i've been given. This game does not deserve a 10 or even a 9 but i think it deserves a little more recognition than it gets. These are just my opinions perhaps i'm wrong maybe 5 more level ups and WoW would have turned into the game i wanted it to be. I looked online for forums but the only people displeased with world of warcraft were wives or ex-wives of players. Is there anyone who agrees with me that perhaps the game is overrated? And if anyone recommends guild wars please let me know. It looks promising but still on the fence.
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i don't think wow is better
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this might be a good review dude.

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I left wow at cataclysm as well.  I returned as a trial to check out their panda land.  That didn't last long... that game has been simplified beyond belief.  But at least they have basic and advanced mmo options which tortanic does not.  No macros, addons, cross server lfg, and a horrid ui with limited customizations.  I did swtor for a month as a sub and quickly saw the writing on the wall.  The game has been out for a year and they have done very little to support it.  No dual spec either... ugh.  I don't see their f2p being successful as it's still just a different style money grab on top of a crappy game.  No doubt the actual storyline was very nice with the voice acting.  I enjoyed being able to listen in on the conversations, however meaningless they ultimately were.  That was nice entertainment.  Pvp is fun as well.

Check out Rift if you get a chance.  That's a nice game with awesome support and functionality.  It is a bit more demanding on hardware, but only because of the shiny pixels inside.  Also a cheaper sub versus panda land or tortanic.

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I don't understand how you can hate WoW's combat but like ToR's combat. They are exactly the same thing. The only difference is you are shooting blasters instead of crossbows. Or swinging lightsabers instead of swords. Skills are pretty much copy-pasted from WoW.


But it's true that WoW is no longer as good as it used to be years ago. It aged horribly, it was simplified and casualized. But it's still a giant game with so much do do. Compared to ToR's "finish class quest, get bored to death".


If you want to see a MMO with actually good looking combat check Blade & Soul.

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Agreed not 2 weeks after posting i cancelled subscription on TOR because i was bored to death. I got GW2 and am very much liking it. I'm waiting on an MMO that doesnt have you doing pretty much the same thing as every race you play as. Your lvl 1 - 25 guy will do different things than most other races butr after that the game feels almost cut copy and paste. Not speaking against or for GW2, SWTOR or WoW, just as a generality. There is much potential in MMO's however i dont feel that this is the time for them to shine. While they're being made to death i feel so much similarity between each game. I understand what you mean about the combat and that is one thing that just can't go unnoticed. While combat may have different animations every one uses the same principle whether it be burst press or auto. I do like GW2 auto-selection on enemies and i can't really remember too much about WoW's but for the most part yes they are almost all equal just with a face lift. They're all models trying to be supermodels, only problem is they're all the same. Hopefully one day there will be an MMO that will mix things up but for now i'm stuck with what i got. And while most hope the truth is ESO will not be the future. Honestly looks terrible to me