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If you want to sub let me know and let me refer you lol  http://www.swtor.com/info/news/news-article/20130808

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Hey can you referr to my link http://www.swtor.com/r/r8pzrR

I will yours also

See you around

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Please help me get a free speeder and 4 droid mini-pets in game for having 5 Subscribed friends in Star Wars: The Old Republic by clicking on my referral link below.

F2P players using my referral will get:

    • 1x Quick Travel Pass
    • 5x Minor XP Boost
    • 1x Inventory Module

Subscribers or preferred players (players who previously subbed are subbed no longer) will get:

    • Unlock: Inventory Module
    • Unlock: Crew Skill Slot
    • Customization Control: Display Titles
    • Customization Control: Unify Colors
    • 7 days subscription time for free
    • A server transfer

So for the best deal, subscribe first then use the referral, but feel free to use the referral regardless.

Referral Link: http://www.swtor.com/r/wG73bv

Thank you!