Drooga's Pleasure Barge Server Problems

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I've been playing this game almost since it came out. I've been having problems for the past several days keeping my connection to the server. I get dropped and shows error code 9000. My connection tests fine and I believe it's with the server and the fact that they moved so many people from less used servers to this one. I have not been able to play for several days now and was wondering if anyone else seems to be having this problem. If this persists, guess I'll close my account as I'm not paying for a MMO I can't play when I want to.

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Copy and paste your issue in the customer service forum on the official website.  If your problem is easily addressed they have customer service reps that usually respond within an hour or so unless its a recurring problem for lots of people.  I have personal experience with this when my mailbox made my auctions disappear and within 20 minutes a CSR posted a solution from another thread he'd addressed earlier that week giving me a workaround.