Buy now or wait for F2P?

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Hello guys! 

I'm playing trial right now and have to say, it's really interesting and I'm enjoying it. The thing what is in my mind now is this : Should I better buy game now (14.99 $ as far as I understand) or wait for F2P? What would be the benefits of both sides?

Tnx for answer in advance!

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Even when it gets F2P you provably need to buy it (personally I'd recommend the CD/box version). So if you are planning on keep playing and you can afford it you should go ahead. Note that when you buy the game it comes with 30 days but you can't use those until you have a payment method, credit card or pre paid card (again I'd recommend pre paid card). Those pre paid cards all come with 60 days (I think) so you'd get 90 days to play till it goes F2P. Now to be completely honest I have to share my concerns, first at this moment my account is inactive. Second I've been wondering if F2P might do more harm than good to this game, like I said in another thread, it might end up with 2 currencies, one regular, another that you buy with real money and then everything worthwhile has to be bought with real money. If you were around when they enabled people to migrate their chars to another server you'd see how "unhealthy" the game became, idk any numbers but most servers where locked for new chars and they encourage to gather on pre set servers, maybe 1 in 10 survived. I guess above all what gets people to get their accounts idle like me is he lack of new genuine fun stuff. On day one most people where complaining how bad the armors looked (cowboy hats, gladiator armour) and what bioware did all this time? Nothing. After the game was launched the art and 3D model team wouldn't have been needed to maintain it, meaning they were free to work on new stuff and instead of start working on new armors (always a huge part in MMORPG) they were just dismissed I think. Sorry about painting such a negative picture but it's just my personal opinion, I like the game a lot and when I play it I'm lucky enough to play along side my brother on the couch that has been always active since day 1 and has several lvl50 chars, and that did helped a lot my enjoyment. But not only that I did also enjoy it for itself, I love the fact that you have a "single player" storyline, the PvP, the heroics, operation, flashpoints. I'm sure you'll enjoy it too specially your first run on each faction (then replaying the same requests can be boring) If you are having fun now you'll probably keep having fun if you play on the next months or even year.
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Tnx for answer! I think I might give it a shot, see how it turns out. ;)

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When exactly does this game go F2P?