Any Luck Installing SWTOR on Windows XP 64 Edition?

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Anyone know what exactly are the proper steps to get SWTOR to install on Windows XP Professional x64 Edition? I've installed the latest .net framework 4 updates from Windows update, and installed Visual C++ 2010 & Quicktime - yet the autorun install Launcher still will not pop up from the disc and neither will double-clicking the setup.exe from the disc itself. The disc will spin and my DVD drive does light up like it is attempting to access. I have no other problems running any other disc(s) or installing and playing older PC Games (BattleField 2) from my DVD drive. I think I'm missing some sort of update, software, or workaround - but I'm just not sure. I've also tried using the downloadable swtor setup and will do the same thing. Am I missing something? Any other help or insight is greatly appreciated - and please refrain from posting that I need to upgrade my OS to Windows 7 or go back to XP 32 .

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This forum doesn't see enough traffic to get someone with the technical know-how you need. I suggest using the Customer Service forum on the SWTOR official website. If you haven't activated your account yet, try MMO-champion or IGN's forums.

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You are in luck. Turns out that the installer does not work for XP64 mostly as a result of bad programming, and these steps worked for me (to get the installer going, haven't tried the game yet):

Quote: Originally Posted by Tyberioun For those of you who hit the same problem as me where the SWTOR installer just immediately quits instead of installing the game, I've found that the following works just fine: 1. Install an app that lets you extract .rar files. I prefer 7-zip myself. 2. Extract the contents of the installer .exe file. (With 7-zip, just right-click the "SWTOR_setup.exe" file and choose 7-zip -> 'Extract to "SWTOR_setup\"'.) 3. In the set of extracted files and folders, there will be an "swtor.rar" file about 27.3MB large. Extract the contents of this. (With 7-zip, just right-click the "swtor.rar" file and choose 7-zip -> 'Extract to "swtor\"'.) You can ignore the other swtor0.rar, swtor1.rar, etc. files. 4. Go to whatever folder you extracted "swtor.rar" to, and Select All, then Copy. 5. Make a folder where you wish to install SWTOR. (Personally, I went to "D:/Program Files (x86)/" and just created the directory "/SWToR/". The actual location doesn't really matter.) 6. Go to that folder and Paste all the files and folders that you copied in Step #4. That's it. The application that you want to run to play SWTOR is "Launcher.exe", so you can create a shortcut to it on your Desktop or wherever you wish and even rename the shortcut to "Star Wars--The Old Republic" or whatever. The only drawback (that I've seen so far) is that you will not have access to an automated Uninstaller. So if you ever wish to uninstall the game in the future then you will need to manually delete the folder that you just created, and also manually delete all local cache and settings within /Users//AppData/Local/SWTOR/.

Also, it is a misnomer that XP64 is missing the SP3 for XP32, because XP64 is actually Windows Server 2003 and would be following a different service pack line from XP32. Except for very rare cases that usually involve drivers or specific hardware, it is unlikely for a regular 32-bit game to not work on XP64 unless it was specifically locked out by the programmers. Btw, it's pretty stupid that they don't allow free trial users on their forums. I would have posted there if not for this.
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