Overrated, completely tosses suspension of disbelief out the window, and raises far too many questions for Lucasarts.

User Rating: 6.5 | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed X360
You can tell that Lucasarts wanted a entertaining game, complete with letting the player go hog wild with his Force abilities on hapless enemies. The game's gameplay shows that aspect was done moderately well, with a few rough patches, including badly timed real time events, which are the only way to win a boss battle, and several VERY annoying sequences.

However, the story is where it derails what would've been a good game. The writers not only managed to write out a overly powerful canon character, but they also managed to completely toss years worth of canon right out the airlock, and in addition, they raise some MAJOR questions about when exactly the story takes place, and also makes me feel that the writing staff didn't read too much into the Star Wars Expanded Universe, or even, in some cases, the movies.

In short, the game had lots of potential, but bad writing, bad canon, and awkward moments sink the game before it even set sail.