Instead of the gameplay being fun, it's more like it was designed to stretch a 4 hour game out to 8.

User Rating: 6 | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed PS3
Didn't really care for this game at all. It's set in the Star Wars universe, and the graphics are pretty good, but that's where the compliments end.

The level design is just uninspired and uninteresting. With each new area, there's some little trick you need to figure out - like this enemy is only vulnerable to a certain type of attack - and so you spend a half hour repeating the section over and over until you figure that out. Or maybe you kill some minor boss, but afterwards you can't figure out where to go. So you try to jump to that ledge over there, but fall 6 feet short and die. Go back and do the boss battle again, then you many resume your confused wandering.

The game is so lacking in content that no matter where you go, you feel like you only get a taste of the place, not that you've actually spent any time there. It's like a budget title really; in other games you might spend hours in each environment, actually moving through many different parts of it and engaging in a wide variety of battles. Here it's more like one or two battles in one or two areas and it's on to someplace else.

The controls are partially broken. Try pushing a button to use one of your force powers and it's not at all uncommon for it to not work. Press the button again, well, too late now, you're dead. Targeting is a joke too - you see brackets appear around whatever you've got targeted, but in the heat of battle if you move so much as an inch, or your target does, you'll just end up wasting your energy attacking empty air.

Overall it was just a very unsatisfying experience, with a lot of repetition of uninteresting levels and the constant frustration of the wonky controls.