The Force Unleashed provides a few hours of entertainment for a price.

User Rating: 5 | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed X360
Audio: 6/10
Voice acting is descent but not as good as it could have been. Music (besides the Star Wars theme) again isnt as good as it could have been and doesnt really set the mood for the story. Sound effects are repetative and lame as well.

Visuals: 6/10
Descent graphics so you wont complain much but it's definently lacking that luster. Doesnt look or feel well designed at all and really is just down right disapointing considering previous games in the Star Wars franchise.

Playability: 5/10
The combat (Lightsabers) is downright awful, Its so hard to target people in this game, You are really swinging for the fences. The force powers are fun for short while but they get really boring and repetative. Also using the force powers during combat is rather tricky.

Delivery: 4/10
There are just so many flaws with this game, Starting with the audio down to the tons of bugs and glitches through out the game. It fails epicly to live up to the standard that Knights Of The Old Republic has made.

Achievements: 4/10
A majority of achievements can be done quickly but killing a certain number of people with the force powers (FYI - you have to kill hundreds for the achievement) is really stressful and annoying. Also Sith Lord and Sith Master difficulty are a lot harder then they should be.

Overall: 5/10
Shallow combat, Various bugs, and just an overall disapointing performance puts The Force Unleashed at a low rating in my review. Hopefully they address things in the future to make a more complete game.