Fun action game in the Star Wars universe.

User Rating: 7 | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed X360
GameSpot pretty much nailed the review. If you're into Star Wars you'll find your time in the Empire enjoyable. Likewise, if you like swinging swords in action games, this one will please you. Everyone else should stay away.

The story (told in cut scenes) is linear, but interesting and well written. The voice acting is great.

Unfortunately, the combat gets repetitive after a while. (I played on the second of four difficulty levels.) I didn't find a need to use more than one or two combos. Just charge in and swing your light sabre. Boss battles invariably ended with me running and jumping around until I slowly whittled down the boss's massive health.

The role-playing elements are mostly superfluous. Hunting for the hidden items in the levels was an unnecessary and unrewarding distraction that disrupted the flow of the levels. Boosting force powers didn't have a noticeable effect.

The satisfaction in this game comes from playing a powerful Jedi swinging a light sabre and spending time in the Star Wars universe. Strip those away and you'd only have a mediocre game.