cool moves, cool setting, and good acting, the only thing this game does is a good story and variety of characters. 9.25

User Rating: 9 | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed X360
Concept: make one of the best star wars games to date with a shocking conclusion and stays true to the series

Graphics: the back grounds are detailed and varied, though sometimes textures can be flat and a little more character variety would be nice Playability: it is very entertaining when you toy around with the weak soldiers in your force grip or just through them 500 meters away to see them get crushed in a wall and fall to there doom in a deep dark abyss. and there is plenty of moves to keep you entertained

Sound: voice acting and sound effects are great.

Entertainment: this game is immensly entertaining with the great settings. interesting characters. great sound effects and voice acting. and most of all fun moves that are varied in many way. this game just falls short of perfect. Replay Value: High