The game is ok....I guess. Great soundtrack, great options and variations...I guess.

User Rating: 5 | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed PSP
This is the very first Star Wars game that I have ever played. I am a huge fan of the films, especially Episodes 3-5. This game is based between Ep3 & Ep4. All the missions seemed the same though. Fight baddies, fight a boss, move on....I mean you did not have to locate any special devices or communicate with certain individuals. Just swing (button mash) your Light saber and move on. There were a few "Oh Crap" moments in the story cut scenes, but not enough!! Where was Grand Moff Tarkin?? Princess Leah is in the game, but no Grand Moff Tarkin? Everything worked fine as far as force moves, sometimes your character would just vanish and it just be his saber moving around on screen.And learning all the controls was weird because each face button had different functions depending on how you hit it. No real thinking involved in trying beat different bosses. I beat everyone on the first go round. After the Story mode is complete, you have some additional games you can play like Historic Missions, Force Duel and Order 66...all force users have the same powers so basically all that is being changed is the skin of the character you choose. No speed change, no power change, every fighter is the same. There is no Historic Mission for Ep1 which is super lame. The Obi Wan VS Darth Maul battle is something I wanted to play, a couple other historic battles should have been in this game as well. Only 6 battles and 2 come from Ep3. This game should have been better. Not sure if I would recommend it to someone who is NOT a Star Wars fan, I could also see Star Wars fans being somewhat disappointed. Soundtrack was cool, Graphics were OK, Game play was alright. Should have been more to do than just fight and move on. You may find my copy at Gamestop.