It's like THE movies!

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed PS2
In this age when the Star Wars universe is being dubbed as "real", it's hard to deny the fact that anything can happen to the people of the amazing world created by George Lucas. In this new game, people will be shared with a new twist to the whole story of Anakin Skywalker, who in this game, is already the dreaded Darth Vader. And don't forget his one-of-a-kind apprentice, Starkiller.
Simply put, the story is amazing. It's a tale told by Mr. Lucas himself and his imaginative team, so expect a really immersive tale. One thing about the story is that it explains why there's this battle between the Empire of the Sith Lord Palpatine and the Rebellion. There are a lot of memorable characters here, with the inclusion of some really unexpected ones, and a lot of new characters to populize the story. Starkiller is still the star here. Although he's a Sith, players will still learn to love him because of his 'friendly' nature.There's twists and turns in the story...lots, to be exact. So, you won't be disappointed with this game.
The graphics are cool, although the next-gen consoles' image presentation look really top notch. Well, for those hard-core PS2 lovers, you won't be disappointed. Love has been put into this game. The different planets featured here are unique and beautiful. I was immediately pulled deep into everything in this game. There are some ragged edges and some bugs, and sometimes the images become too linear but still, this features some great effects. The downside is that the PS2's graphics engine just didn't do justice to the vast galaxies of far, far away. Compared to the next-gen consoles' beautiful presentation, this is just a footnote, sorry to say. But it doesn't mean that the PS2 version of The Force Unleashed is broken.
As we all know, the Star Wars sound effects are noisy. Yes, this game features the trademark sounds of lightsabers swishing, starships zooming, space creature sounds, and all that weirdness. Which is actually good because a Star Wars game is just not complete without the alien sounds that we'd learned to love. The soundtrack is still Star Wars to the ends of the omniverse which means that the majoity of the music that we'd hear would be John Williams' pieces for the movies, though some new music has been integrated here.
It's still essentially swordplay with the lightsaber, but the great new thing about this game is the Force feature, and not just the sissy mind-bending things and some fancy semi-flying tactics that the Jedi use. Because the main character is a Sith apprentice, the Force powers featured here are the hardcore ones. Imagine the crushing, the choking, the electric shocks that the Sith enjoy. Now everyone can experience the fun. Who said that only Darths can pull out killing stunts with their minds? There's a wide range of force powers here and the player can actually initiate combos with them by mixing them up. Aside from this feature, there's nothing more to experience here. This is where the critics pulled off their 'low-ratings' bit. This game boasts some great battles but with that below the knees, the story is just about the only other thing that pulls this game up.
I don't think that the reviews for this game are fair. A lot has changed for Star Wars, and this game has become a part of it. I think it deserves a score of 8 or 8.5. This game has its way of pleasing players in its own way and a lot has enjoyed this game--i greatly enjoyed this game. If you're in for a great adventure and engaging storyline, then this game is just for you.