Simply put, its fun.

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed X360
Lets review the aspects of the game...

Story (Excellent): Short, but an excellent experience for any Star Wars fan. It fits pieces together that haven't been revealed before, which for me...made playing this game like watching a new Star Wars movie.

Graphics (Above Average): Some things look amazing, and then some things look like a bit rushed. The environments look nothing short of amazing -- by far some of the best to date. Charactor models though seemed a bit rushed...thankfully not your jedi.

Playability (Average): Yes, targeting is somewhat of a pain in this game. At times you find yourself picking up.. or not picking up things. The camera view isn't the best, but how many other good games have this issue? It's somthing you get used to and in the end, really isn't noticed.

Music (Excellent): It's Star Wars..

Fun Factor (Excellent): This is where the game by far excels. The jedi powers available.. and the extent of damage they can cause.. were not skimped on. The "finish him" type combos provide a pleasant way to finish a fight. There is very little this game could have done better to make you feel like a complete bad a**.

Overall (Above Average): The glitches and unfinished feel to the game are disappointing, but ultimately its all about beat'n the crap out of people with amped up force powers.. which the game allows you to do very well.