The Force has some cool game play aspects but other faults bring it down.

User Rating: 7.5 | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed PS2
Before starting, first of all let me tell you this: Star Wars The Force Unleashed is amazingly fun to play. I mean which Star Wars fan wouldn't love to zap their enemies with lightning, choke them with the force or use any of the other awesome force powers you have at your disposal.

Although it is really fun, the first 'flaw' in the game is that its too easy and short. The single-player story wont take you more than 7 hours to get through, and you'll rarely die throughout the game. Also, returning to the same areas multiple times can get kind of boring.

The Force Unleashed has a really good story and will fill in the gap between the third and fourth Star Wars episodes. However, the drab visuals and the weak looking cut scenes will spoil the story and prevent you from getting too into it. This said, the graphics during the game play are pretty decent, but the cut scene graphics look pathetic at times.

Good: Great story and characters, Using force powers is extremely fun, Boss fights are fun, Moves and powers look great

Bad: Drab cut scene visuals, Camera angles can be irritating, Too short, Repetitive mission areas

Overall, Star Wars The Force Unleashed has its flaws but the sheer joy and fun when using your force powers and moves on enemies, earns this game a 7.5 from me. If you're a Star Wars fan, I think that this game is a must have. If you're not you might like to rent it before getting it.