Unleashed? Maybe, but unrefined and frustrating don't sell games

User Rating: 7 | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed X360
Unlike quite a few gamers, I had no real expectations of greatness out of this one. After all I got it new out of the bargain bin. "Why buy it then?", you ask. Frankly, the whole premise sounded interesting and just hoped it was better than Bounty Hunter. Originally I owned it on the PS2 and rather enjoyed myself, so the X360 version sounded like a safe bet. Better graphics and cut-scenes, better controls and targeting, more options,the hope was.
Well I was disappointed on all fronts. The targeting remains loose to aggravating. Trying to force-lightning the trooper with devastatingly powerful gun and ignore the melee trooper usually requires rotating the camera till the melee guy is out of frame. Or loosing lock on one target while zapping two, causing reload back to the last save point.
General controls work just fine most of the time, the only real problem was when trying to jump for Jedi Holocrons, the camera always insists right behind you is the best place. Repeatedly jumping for the same platform must be considered great fun for programmers and testers, as this is an old problem.
The AI can also be maddenly inconsistent. Stormtroopers go down as easy as their movie brethren, everything else varies wildly. My pet peeve from fighting games makes an appearance a lot in all the melee opponents. You know the one, all they do is block but flawlessly counter attack, while my block button seems to be broken.
Graphics are not much better than the PS2. Plus I liked the end of level menu being your ship on PS2, completely gone here. Guess they ran out of room in the box. Just like I ran out time for this review