The Wii definitely is the console for this game.

User Rating: 9 | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II WII
Okay, so I've played the first one, and when you've experienced this one, there is a great improvement. By the way, if you haven't played the game, then stop reading while you're ahead, content may contain spoilers.

First thing there is, the length has greatly improved between one and two. The first one took maybe... four hours for me to beat (with no cheats on of course), this one took me about six hours (with minor breaks in-between). They have definitely improved the game length.

Let's move on to the graphics. Wow, just wow. If you can't tell that the graphics didn't get better, then obviously you need to look closer. The cinematics are not gameplay graphics (hooray!), not to mention the graphics themselves are a lot smoother, the voice acting is great... need I say more?

Gameplay.... it's alright, nothing to complain about much. The A button is used to attack, the D-pad is used to do special force powers, such as mind trick, force dash, force rage, and force sight. I was looking forward to see the wii remote and nunchuck as the two lightsabers, considering in the first one you used the wii remote as the lightsaber. I was impressed by the pointer force, it's very unique. Choosing what to grab is entertaining, but what I wasn't expecting was to not see force choke. Maybe I'm asking for a little much, but I always did love running around force choking enemies to death.

Another minor disappointment is the costumes you have. I know that I'm whining, but choosing only what Starkiller wears is kind of boring (though the Jedi Ascension Armor and Dark Apprentice Robe are cool), unlike the first one where you choose to wear a costume like Darth Vader, a Storm Trooper, or... Proxy.

Multiplayer: Currently I have not had the experience to try out multiplayer, but I will get a chance as soon as someone wants to come play with me >.<

So, my overall experience from this game was awesome, what I have to say about this game is that it is EPIC!!!!! Now all we need is some miracle to happen with the new LucasArts president so he can put project Force Unleashed 3 back into action... fat chance that will ever happen though.