The Original Trilogy version of The Force Unleashed 2 courtesy of fans at Red Fly.

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II WII
To begin I have played both versions of the first game, Kromes and Lucasarts, both had their strengths and weaknesses and I grabbed the Wii version of the sequal first, I haven't played the Lucasarts version but after watching it on Youtube I don't think I need to as Red Fly have done a great job replicating the gameplay on Wii.

Gameplay: This time Red Fly Studios have made it close to the original game, Starkiller now has dual sabers as he takes on the Empire though instead of remote motions all you do is tap A and flick the remote for a special attack. Starkiller has a few new force tricks courtesy of mentoring from Jedi Knight Kota and Grand Master Yoda. You have the usual force powers at your disposal including Push, Grip, Lightening and Rush and now there is Mind Trick and Rage, this is where the pointer comes into play, a very interesting and unexpected way to play the game and it works well.

Story: This is what the Wii version did right, the story is coherant and plays out well through cineractives and pacing, while Lucasarts went a mile a minute and wasted Boba Fett and Yoda, RFS gave Boba Fett a bigger role by having Starkiller pursue him through the Salvation. You don't get spectacles of Starkiller ejecting from a Nebulon B as it plummets to Kamino but you do get something that feels like the Star Wars fans remember.

Graphics: The game lacks the shading the original had but that is for the best as it's clean and fluid. The physics are inferior to Kromes efforts too though compotent enough for the gameplay. The levels are a mixed lot, ranging from poor to good, mercifully not Raxus Prime poor.

Overall: A good addition to the Star Wars games on Wii and the best for fans though I suggest people rent it first.