Not as bad as everyone says it is and still quite a good game despite some setbacks - rent it and decide for yourself.

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II PS3
I'll start by addressing some of the main issues that people seem to have with this game. Firstly, the difficulty - many seem to think that this game is far too easy. Having read this, I chose to play through the game on Hard mode my first time, and I have found it to be challenging enough for me. I've died a fair bit throughout the game, and the enemies are tough enough without the game losing that "force unleashed" feel. Secondly, the story: No, it was not quite as compelling as that of the first game, but it was still good and worked to keep the game flowing. This coupled with the superb cutscenes left me feeling quite satisfied at the end of the game. People have also complained about the length, and i have to agree that the game is a bit short. However, the gameplay value coupled with an upped difficulty setting does well to remedy this problem. Yet another complaint about the game is repetetive combat. This is, bluntly, a game best taken in small doses. Yes, when you play for 5 hours the combat does get old. But first of all, if you've been playing for 5 hours it's time to stop, and second of all the combat/gameplay in general is really a lot of fun in that familiar over-the-top Force Unleashed way. This game builds onto the other one with a lot of eye candy in every level - my first impression of the Cato Nemoida world was "Wow, this is great". The level variety is somewhat lacking, but the graphics stay smooth and appealing throughout the entire game - a definite plus. Also a big bonus is the extra brutality in combat with decapitations, dismemberment and suicidal Stormtroopers. My major peeve of the first game - that you felt like you were constantly hitting enemies with a glowing stick - has been fixed in TFU2. In my opinion this game should have gotten at least an 8, and I myself added a .5 to the score just because I'm a hardcore Star Wars fan, and this game will definitely stay in my collection for a good while.
The Verdict: If you didn't like the first game, this one probably won't be that good for you, but even if you disliked the first one immensly I would still strongly advise that you rent it and then decide. If you enjoyed the first one, then you'll find this game more of the same with a lot of great improvements.