Way to short, Insanley weird and bad story, Just, what happenened?? Why is this game so bad!!!????

User Rating: 3 | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II PS3
Okay, first of all, i beat this entire game in about 5 and 1/2 hours. This is LITERELY the shortest game i have ever played. Okay sure, they fixed the terrible glitches, and made the gameplay overall better, but seroiusly!!??

Okay, the games story is awful. I must warn you, i'm going to spoil the story in here.

Okay, seroiusly? They CAPTURE Darth Vader!?? How does that fit with the movies AT ALL!? And the Dark side ending i think is actully canon, maybe.. Uh, i have absolutley NO idea.

The game was WAY to FU*KING short. I got this game the day is came out, as of now that was last night at about 6:30. I played for about an hour and a half. Then this morning i played. (since i had no school because of the tornado yesterday. heh heh.) And so i got up and played from 10:30 AM, untill 1:30 PM. And beat it. ON BOTH ENDINGS! I mean, The Revenge of the Sith game on the Game Boy Advance took me atleast 8 hours!!!

I guess the game itself was fairly fun. It was like the first game with less glitches and dismemberment. (Geez, it's been forever since theres been that in a Star Wars game). But the dagohbah level was literalaly 5 minutes. ugh.

Anyway, there had FU*KING better be a Force Unleashed III. Or this was ABSOLUTLEY horrible.

Anyway, thats really all there is to say about this game. I reaally would reccomend you just rent this. Please, just PLEASE rent it. Do NOT buy it. Especcily the Collecters Edition like i got. ugh, what a waste of 80$....