Short and repetitive, but fun

User Rating: 7 | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II X360

In The Force Unleashed II, you play a clone of the Force-wielding Starkiller from the first game. You have scattered memories from the original Starkiller and spend the game trying to find your love interest, Juno, who is being held hostage by Darth Vader. This sequel isn't quite as good as the original. The settings are less varied -- most of the action takes place in Imperial bases and on starships. Lots of corridors and elevators and fewer of the exotic planets you encountered on the previous outing. The selection of adversaries also seemed limited. There are only a couple of different types of enemies. There are these massive war robots that are challenging the first time you encounter one, but the repeated quick-time finishing moves quickly become tedious. There are a couple of boss battles that are fun, if not as imaginative as you would hope. The game seemed fairly short compared to the first one. Even with all the aforementioned faults, though, it was still fun to slash with my lightsabers and attack with my Force powers (grip, lightning, mind trick, and push). The character models were amazingly detailed; you could see the pores in their skin!