Not necessarily a bad game, just targeted more towards a younger crowd.

User Rating: 6 | Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes X360
The game itself is not actually all that bad. It has an old school platformer feel to it with a 3d enviornment. It's a little disappointing that they just made the game platformer based, but they do manage to keep it fairly action packed. If they would have made it more like Star Wars: Battlefront or Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and had some of they big battles scenes that this game does, it could have been an amazing game.

The graphic quality is significantly lacking compared to the show that its based on; so that's a bit of a let down as well. The voice acting is pretty much perfect, being that they seem to have used all the same actors that they have for the show. The overall sound quality is very well done, and it is one of the few things that is actually very captivating in the game.

I think its a decent game for younger kids (and that seems to be the target audience), but overall I think there's just a lot of potential that the show offer's that they just didn't really take advantage of in this game.