Even though it does get some of the Lego formula off, there are some points in the game where it is worth playing.

User Rating: 7.5 | Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes X360
Republic Heroes has the same level format as Lego Star Wars I, II, and the Entire Sagas. There are big differences though (besides being Clone Wars). For starters, the Jedi jump is kind of overpowered when you double jump because it pretty much puts you where you want to be regardless if you overjumped it by an inch or two. The Jedi moves are okay, and you even get to control droids. However, you'll probably find yourself playing the Jedi levels more because it is VERY hard to play as the clones. The clone levels, now this is where the game loses points with me. In the clone levels, the shooting is not like in Lego Star Wars, it is a lot harder because in order to crouch, you have to hold the button down and you have to aim, which is hard because the clones over do the directions. The good thing is that you can punch droids, who knew? Also, all the clones have jet packs. Talk about being prepared for every situation, but last I checked I don't think Commander Cody is supposed to have one of these handy devices. Also, a thing that gets me furious is that General Grievous was not in it. I mean, seriously, he is a big threat to the Jedi and he is not in Republic Heroes. Also, I kind of expected Cad Bane to be on the side of the Separatists (Season 2, remember the first 3 episodes). I mean, he had a good part to the plot, but he enters in such a random way. He blows up a Separatist ship and just happens to end up on Ryloth. Also, the new bad guy, Kul Teska, they should have done a better job on his character description. I mean, Cad Bane says the Teska is his competitor when he is building a huge weapon for the Separatists. Does that make him a bounty hunter or a weapon's designer? Seriously, I really don't know. Overall, I think this game was not amazing, but good. The level designs are amazing. If I had to rank this game based on that alone, the score would be sky rocketing. If you're deciding between games, I would think a little bit more as this one was not all of what I expected it to be. It has promise, and I think if Star Wars did a better job with camera angles (there were a few flaws with that) and character description, then it would be a little bit more worth it.