This game is a step up from past DS Star Wars games, has a great story, and puts emphasis on the stylus!

User Rating: 9.5 | Star Wars The Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance DS
Their have been terrible Star Wars games so far on the DS, including the Force Unleashed and Lego Star Wars 2. But this game is simply amazing! Take it from me, I have been playing Star Wars games for a long time, and this is probably the best portable out there!

The game starts the action right off the bat. No stupid tutorial level where action is slow and dull, you can look at new actions by pressing select, or figure the game out for yourself.

The Graphics are amazing! Most characters, with the exception of some such as Kit Fisto look amazing. You will be astonished when you see amazingly rendered Yoda and Amidala. And for the first time on a DS their is lip-synced audio. Though not all characters speak with their lips moving, despite this the graphics and storytelling are a step above almost all DS games.

The story is for the most part, enthralling. You will really get into the characters, and though the motives and stories aren't as thrilling as the Force Unleashed you will get to meet the Night Sisters and learn more about the weapons of the Seperatists. Don't expect a completely cheesy storyline like in the Clone Wars movie, this game is more like the stunning new show.

The controls are probably one of the best attributes of this game. Finally the stylus gets to control your character completely. The only time you have to use buttons are during force, in which L and R can be used for right-handers, or left-handers. The stylus control works out well and you can always look up certain commands in game. The fighting system is interesting but sometimes flawed.

You do get to wield the lightsaber with your stylus, but breaking your opponents defense can get boring at times, though it does not mar the games overall experience. The only serious plight I have is that special moves are hard to initiate, and often times you will end up running away instead of engaging a team up attack.

Unlockables are plentiful. Included are concept art, which is pretty nice considering this is for the DS, viewable character models, Game Tweaks, and costumes for playable Jedi. You can unlock these by searching out crystals, completing complex combos and other such things. And though the some of the costumes are sort of lame, take Plo Koon for example, you will have fun unlocking and viewing them.

Overall this is a must for DS owners or even passing fans of Star Wars. Everyone should have fun playing this masterpiece.