User Rating: 9.5 | Star Wars The Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance DS
I was not mistaken.

This is the best game I have played in the DS since Phantom Hourglass and other titles. The stylus flies around the exquisite 3d environment designed with good taste. The mini games (?) are not easy not hard, so they are well-balanced. The game is fast paced. Fast paced. I was afraid about the battles cos they seemed to be (in the videos) a little fast, but hey they are fast because it is the regular pace they have, nothing intended , it is a natural speed, and that's great. The game flows naturally and takes you with its own rhythm. Game-play is superb, everybody can play this game, whether you have experience or not (my gf is super new to video-games, and she's loving it and in "level 3" far. she (and I) love games with full stylus) That's related to the playability, everybody can play this game thanks to the stylus. the game-play is simple, but not childish at all. it is not easy, but not hard either. it is well balanced. The "action sequences" are just eye amazing, cos the points of view are so cinematic (thanks to the production team that worked in the movie and series) that you are like "wow" when the action parts appear (those that you use the stylus to move the characters in certain crucial moments.) the jumps work great and the companion character the supporter, has a nice AI. The music is nice, so nice that sometimes you can sit there just to listen to the music and let it get you in the mood. If you stay a minute in one particular environment and start moving around "searching" or "looking" the "stage" in which you are in, you are certainly going to find something hidden (just like those "hidden" paths in ****c mario games). Sometimes when you make a mistake and can't pass a sector in a level you don't have to start all over again, you begin in the same point you made the mistake, so you don't "die" which is something innovative. Well, this game is all about innovation but in the good sense of the word. innovation that really works. The stylus flows so well. do you want to move, just touch there and the character will be there. Simple and hard puzzles at the same time, well balanced puzzles I mean. You can choose the character that u want to use, more than 5 to choose from, and yes you can unlock more and more things in the game, clothing, sketches! drawings, etc. Though that's not the most important thing it is a very nice reward. The 3d models are certainly between the best of the DS, sometimes a face looks so great. The close up with the movement of the lips in the cinematics look great (just remember the face of the red lady villain at the beginning) . Yes you can use c3p0 and r2d2.

Oh, I'm playing the Spanish game so the voices, yes! are in Spanish! and with subtitles in Spanish too. so you can listen and read if u don't get something they say.- The in game tutorial is not oppressive , it is very simple, and the lady speaking explains things ins a simple way and SHORT. which is something good, cos you want to play the game and not sit in the tutorial.
in terms of the SW universe nothing negative to say. Everything is there. The game is easy to play, relatively easy, it is fast paced. you can play with different characters, it is not always the same , you have variety. In certain moments the characters may look a bit "little". so you need a good eye . but that's not always. it is in some..minor times. The environment grows in those moments though. Music is good. The jumps are easy to control, that's a great accomplishment. you have to follow a sequence.

Definitely this game is one of the best in the DS and you should buy it. and it deserves a good score and review. Thanks for the space and for reading. As a closure statement: The DS is all about the Stylus. A good game that uses stylus flawless get good credits. It is a must for game developers nowadays to focus on moving characters using the stylus. Please game developers, focus on full stylus use as this guys just did in this game. I'm not a SW die hard fan, but I can see a good game when I play it.