From the shadows arises a new hero...

User Rating: 8.6 | Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire N64
The Star Wars saga continues in this 3D epic. Take control of smuggler Dash Rendar as you aid Luke Skywalker in his attempt to rescue Han Solo.

From the Battle of Hoth, to the sands of Tattooine, to the city planet of Corsuscant, you’ll fight to survive against an Empire at the height of its power. And hidden in the shadows, an underworld criminal organization named Black Sun, led by Prince Xizor, who has placed a bounty on Luke. Hired by Princess Leia, Dash must now watch over the would-be-Jedi, who always seems to attract trouble.

You’ll have the opportunity to pilot ships, ride a swoop bike, and fly around on a jet pack in your efforts to protect Luke from Black Sun and the Empire. This is classic Star Wars action at its best.

A must have for any SW fan! * * * *