Step aside, Han Solo; watch out, Boba Fett! Dash Rendar to the rescue!

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire PC
Intended as an sub-plot, the events of Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire are set between episodes V (The Empire Strikes Back) and VI (Return of the Jedi). It was released in December 1996 and made available for the Nintendo 64 and Windows PC.

Players control the roguish mercenary-smuggler, Dash Rendar, hired by Princess Leia Organa to track down Boba Fett and rescue the frozen Han Solo. As the plot progresses, Dash becomes embroiled in a sinister plot that pits him against Prince Xizor, crime lord of the Black Sun syndicate.

Immersed in the Star Wars Universe, Dash begins his debut by gunning down wampas and wire-tripping Imperial AT-ATs alongside Rogue Squadron at the Battle of Hoth. Dash does it all, and stormtroopers are the least of his worries, mashing Mos Eisley swoop gangs, shooting down Tie fighters--even facing off against IG-88 and the legendary Boba Fett.

Dash's missions in Shadows of the Empire are diverse, and nearly every level presents a new mode of gameplay. From boosting around canyons with a jet pack or jumping trains on the junkyard planet of Ord Mantell, Dash has his work cut out for him, climaxing in an epic space battle that--SPOILER CENSORED.

...I guess you'll have to play it and see!