the most underrated games to ever come out on the Nintendo 64.

User Rating: 8.9 | Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire N64
I would have to say Shadow of the Empire, I think is the most underrated games to ever come out on the Nintendo 64. To be honest I had a blast playing this game and you'll soon find this is one of the best third-person shooters created on the N64. Shadow of the Empire to this day is the best and most satisfying Star Wars games I have ever played. But the best part about the game is that it you do feel like you are in a Star Wars movie taking the lead role. The brilliant part about the game, which really did surprise me is the fact that the gameplay has a lot of depth. You will find that every single level is different and has its own atmosphere and feel to it. But the beauty of the game is that not one level is similar to another. You can ride a motorcycle, fly in ships,jump from train to train and even fly with a jet pack. This all brings to a wonderful gaming experience. The graphics look very good ( for its time) and I thought the detail that went into the game was done at a very high standard. You will find that the graphics won't really catch your eye or amaze you like other titles on the N64, but there is not much you can criticise about them. The sound effects I thought were done at a very high standard and for a Star Wars game of its time, you couldn't ask for more. The sound turns out to play a big part in the game, because as you will notice when you are playing the game and the actions hot, it really feels like your in a galactic war. But the greatest part of the game is it's replayability. I was surprised I found myself playing this game for almost a year after purchasing it and it seemed to get more and more fun when you came back to play it. For memory there are ten proper stages, but they are lengthy and very involving, so that you are getting the most out of your money. You wonder why a game with such a average score would become platinum and become a best seller for the N64? It may have took a few years, but let me tell you. If you have a N64 lying around or thinking of picking one up, you cannot go past the chance to play this game!