Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike Cheats For GameCube

  1. Skip the Hangar

    Hold the L and R triggers while selecting your mission to skip the hangar and fly in the default craft.

    Contributed by: PorkinsJr 

  2. Art As Menu Background

    Go to the art gallery in the special features section. Go to the picture before the one you wish to use as the background. Press right to switch to the image you desire, but in the time after the first image has disappeared and before the desired image appears, when the screen is black, press B. You will return to the special features menu with the desired image as the background

    Contributed by: hooligan333 

  3. Unlock Hidden Features

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Earn all Gold Medals in all single player campaign missions, including bonus missions and complete Tatooine Training all four times of the day. Ace Mode
    Earn bronze medals in all single player campaign missions Audio Commentary
    complete Triumph of Rebellion Mission Credits
    complete Triumph of Rebellion Mission- any level Documentary
    Complete Death Triumph of the Rebellion Mission- any level Empire Strikes Back Arcade Game
    Complete Death Star Rescue Mission- any level Star Wars Arcade Game

    Contributed by: Jedi BoB101 

  4. Cheat Passwords

    Go to the Passcodes screen in the Options Menu. For the codes with more than one part, enter the first part of the code and you will hear a beeping implying that you entered it incorrectly. Immediately enter the next portion of the code and you should get the correct R2-D2 beeping telling you it has been entered.

    Effect Effect
    HYWSC!WS / NONGAMER All Single-Player Regular Missions
    RWALPIGC / NOWAYOUT Atreroid Field
    WPX?FGC! / EXCERSIZ Co-Op Endurance
    IIOUAOYE / WIMPIAM! Gives infinite lives in Co-Op and Single-Player
    !?ATH!RD GAME?YES Return of the Jedi Arcade Game
    FRRVBMJK / LOOKOUT! Tie Hunter
    IIOUAOYE WIMPIAM! Unimited Lives
    EEQQ?YPL / CHE!ATER Unlock all levels (SP)
    LOOKMOM! Unlock Credits
    THEDUDES Unlock Documentary
    RTWCVBSH / BFNAGAIN Unlock Naboo Starfighter
    !?ATH!RD GAME?YES Unlock Return of the Jedi arcade coin-op game
    BBGMYWSX/JEDIWHO? Unlock the Jedi Starfighter
    TGBCWLPN/ZZBOUNTY Unlock the Slave 1
    YNMSFY?P / YOUDAMAN Unlocks Ace Mode
    SWGRCQPL / UCHEATED Unlocks all regular missions in Co-Op
    FRLL!CSF / FARMBOY? Unlocks Beggars Canyon Race for multiplayer.
    NOCOLOR? Unlocks Black and White mode
    YFCEDFRH/DSAGAIN? Unlocks Death Star Escape in Co-Op
    !H!F?HXS / KOOLSTUF Unlocks Empire Strikes Back Arcade Game
    !?ATH!RD GAME?YES Unlocks ROTJ arcade game
    RTJPFC!G / TIMEWARP Unlocks Star Wars Arcade
    !KOOLART Unlocks the Art Gallery
    QZCRPTG!/HANSRIDE Unlocks the Millennium Falcon
    HARKHARK Unlocks the Music Hall
    MCKEMAKD/ONESHOT! Unlocks the TIE fighter in Co-Op
    JASDJWFA / !DABOMB! Unlocks Tie Bomber

    Contributed by: ReyVGM, obishawn, gsgreg, Obi Wan Kenobi, JustDave, jektezak, mozhu1, InternalFlame, rebelNerfherder, NGCGameMaster, Kehaes, Commy, Sam The Smuggler, xXDeathFromAboveXx 

  5. Get Upgrades

    Unlockable Unlockable
    BATTLEFIELD HOTH-3rd part. Use e-web gun to destroy first box AT-ST comes from. Run to get upgrade before destroying last AT-ST. Advanced Cluster Missles
    GUNS OF DUBRILLION-1st part. Up the ramp and to the left. Advanced Concussion Missles
    DEFIANCE ON DANTOOINE-3rd part. Left path after 2nd jump. Advanced Lasers
    RAID AT BAKURA-2nd part. Meet silver requirement to get TIE Bomber stage, then bomb the very last dome to get upgrade. Advanced Proton Bombs
    RELICS AT GEONOSIS-2nd part. Inside one of the escape pods on the ground. Advanced Proton Torpedos
    REVENGE OF THE EMPIRE-1st part. Fly inside 4th or 5th transport. Advanced Shields
    DEFENDERS OF RALLTIIR-Destroy transport on far side of bridge. Advanced Targeting Computer
    SPEEDER BIKE PURSUIT-1st part. There's a wall of trees on the left about 1/2-2/3 through the level. After that wall, take the left path when it splits Homing Concussion Missles
    EXTRACTION FROM RALLTIIR -1st part. On the right after the first turn. Homing Proton Torpedos
    TRIUMPH OF THE REBELLION-1st part. To the right (if you're approaching from the left side of the catapults), or behind the first catapults you come to Seeker Cluster Missles
    DECEPTION AT DESTRILLION-2nd part. Fly inside the super-laser bowl. Spread Bombs

    Contributed by: Jedi BoB101 

  6. Bonus Missions

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Located above Triumph of the Empire. *30 points* Attack on the Executor
    Located above Revenge of the Empire. *10 points needed to unlock* Death Star Escape
    Located left of Battlefield Hoth. *20 points* Escape from Hoth
    Located right of Deception at Destrillion. *20 points* Flight from Bespin
    Located above Attack on the Executor. *30 points* Rebel Endurance

    Contributed by: Grenade Guzzler 

  7. Unlock Secret Ships

    Unlockable Unlockable
    All Silver medals in Single Player & Bonus Missions Jedi Starfighter
    All bronze medals in Single Player & Bonus Missions Millenium Falcon
    Beat Tatooine Training in all 4 times of day and get all hidden items Naboo StarFighter
    All Bronze Medals in Standard Single Player Missions Slave 1
    Destroy all of the ground turrets in the Raid at Bakura in missile linked groups Tie Bomber
    All gold medals in single player & Bonus Missions Tie Hunter

    Contributed by: Jedi BoB101 

  8. Unlock Co-op Mode Ships

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Get ALL gold medals in co-op mode Jedi Starfighter
    Get ALL bronze medals in co-op mode Millenium Falcon & Tie Adavnce X-1
    Get ALL silver medals in co-op mode Naboo Starfighter
    Steal tie in both night and day missions of Imperial Academy Heist(in co-op) and finish mission Tie Fighter

    Contributed by: Jedi BoB101 

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