Other games like Star Wars Rogue Squadron????

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I loved the first one and love this one. I know there is a third one, but are there other good space shooters like this one. Are there in any way some games like this one for the PS3???????? (since I currently don't own an XBOX360)

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If you're looking for Flight Action, Ace Combat 6, Ace Combat Assault Horizon, HAWX, Project Sylpheed was pretty cool, but it was way more arcade than rogue squadron was.

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Those are not anywhere near the game like this which is way more fun and less frustrating than those stupid realistic ace combat games.  


Honestly nothing like it has been released this gen and well star wars gaming feels rather dead now, Disney isn't interested in them, they are more interested in the movies and shows, so we are F'ed in the buttholes for a chance of a really amazing rouge squadron sequel.