Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II Cheats For GameCube

  1. Spread Proton Bombs

    In ''Imperial Academy Heist'' steal the shuttle and go in the tunnel to your right to grab the tech upgrade.

    Contributed by: Aric 

  2. Advanced Shields Upgrade

    The Advanced Shields upgrade can be found in the first mission, Death Star Attack. After the cinema that leads into the second objective of the mission (killing the TIE fighters) continue going straight in the set path, only veer to the left a bit. Stay close to the planet surface and you'll find the rocket-shaped upgrade blended in with turrets and such.

    Contributed by: Dallas 

  3. Advanced Proton Torpedoes Upgrade

    Right when you enter the second mission (Ison Corridor Ambush), dip down so you can see the piece of debris in front of you. It's hollowed out in the shape of a rectangle with the upgrade in the center.

    NOTE: You must complete the mission after collecting the upgrade in order to keep it.

    Contributed by: Dallas 

  4. Targeting Computer Upgrade

    In the ''Attack the Core'' level, fly inside the Death Star until you are near the central core...a short way before the large opening, there are some pipes near the lower right. Fly under them to get the Targetting Computer upgrade.

    Contributed by: Reznor007 

  5. Advanced Concussion Missiles

    The Advanced Concussion Missiles are in the tunnel across from the Spread Proton Bombs in ''Imperial Academy Heist.''

    Contributed by: ImperialFleetLeader 

  6. C-3PO, R2-D2, and their pod

    In Tatooine Traning, you can find either C-3PO, R2-D2, or the escape pod they crashed in as a bonus item. You will only be able to find one of them each time you do the traning, so you will have to look around.
    C3PO = Blow up Jabba's Palace and look on the ground.
    R2D2 = Blow up the sandcrawler and look on the ground.
    POD = Out in the desert. Look around for it.

    Contributed by: S-pac 

  7. Advanced Laser Cannon Upgrade

    BATTLE OF HOTH: After the Rebellion's Shield Generator is destroyed by the AT-AT, the Laser Cannon upgrade will appear in it's place.

    Contributed by: Jsolo710 

  8. Free life/resupply

    When you get to a break in a mission, the split second before it is about to enter a cut-scene, crash/destroy your ship so that the cut-scene starts before the crash scene ends. When play resumes, your ship will be fully shielded, and you will not have lost a life in the process!

    Contributed by: GForce9x 

  9. Cheat on the Beggar's Canyon race

    Trying to get the Naboo fighter? Well here's the easiest way to beat the Beggar's Canyon race. When Biggs goes down path 1 go down it until it says path 1. Now carefully slow down and go down and left, then as carefully as you can turn around and go to the start, then go down path 2. You'll still get credit for doing race 1, just remember to go back and do race 2.

    Doing the turn around can take some practice but it's a lot easier than doing race 1. Also remember to stay low. If you scrape the wall a little bit it's okay, just don't scrape it too much.

    Contributed by: Vic Rattlehead 

  10. Advanced Cluster Missile Upgrade

    In the 4th mission (Prisons of the Maw) Bomb an environmental dome between the weapons storage building and the communication relays and the upgrade will appear in its place. This upgrade increases the destructive power of cluster missiles, which are a secondary weapon of the Tie Advanced and Slave 1 ships.

    Contributed by: psykoantwon 

  11. Advanced Proton Bombs

    In the Razor Rendevous level, fly to the far side of the Star Destroyer and wait for an Imperial Shuttle to appear, destroy it before it reaches the docking bay to make the upgrade appear in its place. This upgrade increases the power of the secondary weapon of the Y-wing.

    Contributed by: psykoantwon 

  12. Advanced Homing Proton Torpedoes Upgrade

    In the Vengeance on Kothlis level, before the transport lands, fly through a small gap in the demolished Star Destroyers command deck to pick up the upgrade. This will allow you to lock on to a target with proton torpedoes.

    Contributed by: psykoantwon 

  13. Homing Concussion Missile Upgrade

    In the Raid on Bespin level, after you destroy the first ballon, watch for an Imperial Tanker and shoot it when it gets close to the gas platform. This should eliminate about half of the tanks, and you will see the upgrade on the platform. It is also possible to fly under the tanks without destroying them to get the upgrade if you use an A-wing.

    Contributed by: psykoantwon 

  14. Homing Cluster Missile Upgrade

    This is probably the hardest upgrade to get, because it is floating in the middle of nowhere and is hard to find. In the Battle of Endor level, fly over to the Star Destroyer on the left and fly in the area to the left and below of it. Look from a shimmering white dot over the planets atmosphere, and you will eventually find it. This upgrade makes the Slave 1 and Tie Advanced ships go from useless to extremely formidable.

    Contributed by: psykoantwon 

  15. Unlockables

    Follow the methods below for the appropriate unlockable:

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Win gold medals in all 15 missions Ace Mode
    Get bronze medals on 10 main missions. Check the special features menu for the Audio Commentary. Audio commentary
    The documentary option in the special features menu (which lets you see the making of the game) will only be unlocked after you beat all 10 normal missions of the game. Documentary
    Beat the Tatooine Training Session at all 4 times-morning, afternoon, evening, and night. You have to complete all of the objectives, find all of the discovery items, and get the two hidden bonus items in each session. Naboo Fighter
    To unlock Slave 1, Boba Fett's ship, get 12 Silver Medals in all 10 primary missions, Death Star Escape, and The Asteroid Field. Slave 1
    To unlock the shuttle in Triumph of the Empire and Revenge on Yavin, You must get a Gold medal on BOTH OF THEM. Unlock shuttle in extra missions

    Contributed by: Phantasmagoria, Pyro Vesten, Dallas, Rich., vivagorditas007, X-Winger 

  16. Password Cheats

    Enter these passwords at the passcode screen. For the codes with more than one part, enter the first part of the code and you will hear a beeping implying that you entered it incorrectly. Immediately enter the next portion of the code and you should get the correct R2-D2 beeping telling you it has been entered:

    Effect Effect
    U!?!VWZC then GIVEITUP ACE mode
    !??QWTTJ then Classic All Original 10 Missions
    AYZB!RCL then WRKFORIT All Tech Upgrades
    EXHIBIT! Art Gallery
    TVLYBBXL then NOWAR!!! Astroid Field Bonus Level
    BLAHBLAH Audio Commentary
    LIONHEAD Black and White Mode
    PYST?OOO then DUCKSHOT Bonus Mission: Death Star Escape
    ?INSIDER Documentary
    ?WCYBRTC then ??MBC??? Endurance
    AJHH!?JY then BUSTOUR Imperial Shuttle
    JPVI?IJC RSBFNRL Infinite Lives
    COMPOSER Music Hall
    CDYXF!?Q, then ASEPONE! Naboo Starfighter
    OGGRWPDG then EEKEEK! Revenge on Yavin Level
    PZ?APBSY then IRONSHIP Slave I
    VV?GXRYP then CNOOQ!ZR and lastly, JFETTSHP Slave One Color Change
    ZT?!RGBA then DISPSBLE TIE Fighter
    NYM!UUOK then BLKHLMT! Tie X1
    AZTBOHII then OUTCAST! Triumph of the Empire bonus level
    THATSME! Unlock Credits
    MVPQIU?A and then OH!BUDDY Unlock Millenium Falcon Code
    !ZUVIEL! then !BENZIN! Unlock the Car

    Contributed by: knucklestheechidna, CI254, RogueLeader2, Vic Rattlehead, Dallas, Nivrae, ImaLilPissed, weggy100, Foehn, gtmaster08, Paikuhan, Turr Phenrir, Buckwheatz Revenge, Prime Mover, gamemaster414, DBZFan4107, pdsimtourney 

  17. Skip the Hangar

    Hold down both R and L buttons while selecting a mission to skip the Available Craft screen and the hangar. You will then play the mission in the default craft.

    Effect Effect
    Hold down both R and L buttons while selecting a mission Skip the Hangar - play the mission in the default craft

    Contributed by: ImaLilPissed 

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