Despite the obvious attempt to be a graphical opus, Republic Commando is, at its core, for casual gamers/fans.

User Rating: 8 | Star Wars: Republic Commando PC
The impressive control scheme and weapon choices all make Republic Commando a worthy game. But it is just that, a game, and nothing more. The idea of fun is stressed so often that it left me, as a player, feeling only fulfilled in the sense that I had chopped some alien meat. The sense of duty in the missions was lacking as well as the idea of a continuous story. In the Star Wars universe, it is rather lackluster when all you get to play as is some guy in bulky plastic-looking armor. However, the game does succeed in making this 'fun'. The enemies and tactics available make Republic Commando unique. For example, in what other games can you choose what your fellow soldiers can be? Despite this, I felt that this game could have gone farther in the aspect of decision-choosing. After all, wouldn't it be funner to get to choose your mission and actually feel like you were in control? Apparently not. You run around like a lapdog, or a killing machine, if you see it that way. Another 'fun' thing to point out is that it is very easy to beat and the storyline is short, sadly. The graphics and immediate gameplay are all very eye-spicy, of course, making this a filling piece of entertainment.