Have played this when it first came out & im playing it again & again & again. excellent game.. 10/10

User Rating: 9 | Star Wars: Republic Commando PC
Excellent game.. not giving too much away but the suggestive places on where to place your commando's is a good thing & used it well. it could save your life lol. To be honest also I think that they may have made the game too short for some hard core gamers like myself. As I said before, this is the 3rd time going through this & even then it just gets quicker & quicker to go through the missions.
Remember guys & gals, there are a lot of helpers through the game so don't forget to use them as with new items to pick up & blow people away with. If you do get through the game pretty quick & want to play it again but harder for your self. trying it just your basic weapons & looking for reload boxes can be very frustrating to say the least. anyways.. leave it wit you to make that decision yourselves. don't forget.. the sniper is as I would say. the most powerful weapon you have to start with, so if you can get used to using that. you will go far. Thats it from me. & good luck.... WOlf Out