Whether you like Star Wars or are just an FPS person, this is the game to buy.

User Rating: 10 | Star Wars: Republic Commando PC
Star Wars: Republic Commando is really surprising. So you get the game, install it and you jump straight into the action. What did I think? Best game. Ever.


You take on the character RC-1138, nicknamed Boss, who is the Seargent of Delta Squad, a four-man squad bred and born for the toughest jobs ever created. First, you go to Geonosis where you learn the basics of life as a commando and do a few main objectives: Eliminate Geonosian leader Sun Fac; Destroy a droid factory; And infiltrate, get launch codes and destroy a Core-Ship. Then you go onto a Republic vessel, the Prosecutor, and slice data cores to find out how it was stolen and then defend it from a Sep Battleship. Kashyyk: Help Wookies get free, slow down Sep supplies and then take out a Sep Cruiser. Then a squad-mate gets lost. It is very short, but worth every second.


This squad-based FPS puts you in the armour of an Elite Commando, who was born and bred to do the toughest jobs for the Republic. First, I think i should talk about the way you do things. Well, the manouvers of great. You can have Form Up, Search & Destroy, Secure Area and Cancel all Manouvers. Form Up is where your squad will come back to your position, S&D is where your squad will advance forward, scouting out locations and engaging targets. Secure Areais where you point your crosshair at an area and your squad will secure and defend it until you cancel it. Cancel all Manouvers will cancel everything, from the snipe and anti-armour to door braches and slices. You can direct your squad as you see fit, from the front line with them or hiding in a corner. Seriously, the killing is great. If your close enough to an enemy when he is killed, blood (Or oil for droids) will splatter on your visor, which is great as well. You have text communications, squad status and your shields and health. It is just brilliant.


I think the graphics are amazing. Thats the bottom line.


It is the best game I have ever played... It deserves a 10.