FPS and Star Wars doesn't get any better than this

User Rating: 10 | Star Wars: Republic Commando PC
Wow. Star Wars Republic Commando(from now on I'll refer to it as SWRC) is one of the best FPS games that I have played in my gaming life as till now. Playing a Star Wars game from the point of view of an infallible Jedi like Kyle Katarn(Jedi Outcast) is one thing and playing the universe from the Point of View of a trooper who is as much fallible as any normal civilians. Lucas Arts simply put up the actual gruesome face of the Clone Wars and not the overall schematic adjudge of war by the Jedi. The game actually changed my concept of Star Wars.

1. Gameplay - Wonderful! Just to say that is also an understatement. The interface of the game is like the visor of a Republic Commando(and not a Stormtrooper). In spite of that, all the necessary meters and information are displayed on the screen. The controls are pretty easy and your squad control is even more easy. There are some pretty cool things in SWRC. Like my favorite is when you melee somebody and his blood splatters all over your visor, a wiper wipes it clean. Also the dialogues are pretty cool. When your team-members talk to you or to each other, you can actually feel the sarcasm in their voices.

2. Story - You play as the head of a Republic Commando team - The Delta Squad. You are sent on a 3 different missions. The first mission is on Geonosis, where the ongoing Clone War has engulfed the entire planet. You are to track down and kill their leader. The next mission is on an abandoned space craft that had called for help. The finale is on Kashyk where you are to track down General Grevious(the weird coughing droid leader with Jedi skills whom Obi-Wan killed in the movie Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith), help Tarful escape from the clutches of droids and help defeat the droid invasion on Kashyk.

3. Music, Sound & Foley - The music is a bit different from the original Star Wars soundtrack, though they have included them as well. The sound effects have been perfectly copied from the movies. The blaster fires, the droid sounds, the explosions and even the sounds of the Wookies and Geonosians were a perfect copy from the movies. Trandosians sounds were created using Foley. A special section is there on foley which will unlock once you finish the first mission.

4. Graphics - The game is detailed to the very last. Not once while playing the game was I actually disappointed. The perfect graphics make this game a toast for the eyes.

I will not take much of you time any more, so use the rest of the time to order or buy the game ASAP.