Immersive and awesome, but easy.

User Rating: 8 | Star Wars: Republic Commando XBOX
The game is awesome, not because of it's Star Wars, but because it's FPS and it's Squad based!

The story revolves around Delta Squad. An elite squad who is responsible for many things in the Clone Wars. You take control of Delta-38, the leader of this particular squad. With you are Delta-07, the Sniper, Delta-40 The hacker/slicer, and Delta-62 the demo expert.

The gameplay is brilliant. The game's AI is hard. The game itself is hard. The clear immersive part is that you can order your teammate to plant a bomb, take sniping position, anti-armor, grenade, slicing order, door breach or you can all do it yourself.

Another thing is you can revive, and heal yourself and your squad. Which makes the game a little more easier.

Overall, the game is good. If you're like Star Wars and you like FPS Squad based this is a good game that is worth playing.