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User Rating: 9.5 | Star Wars: Republic Commando PC
RC( rebubblic commando) is a amazing and addictive game. The story offers somthing new as your taken away from all the main battles, and thrusted in some stuff no normal clone will ever have to do. But your no normal clone. You play as delta 38 an elite commando. Also by your side you have sev, fixer and scorch. Each of them has a distinct attitude that you'll notice more then once. Now about the gameplay. This game is a squad shooter. Your the sqaud leader so you(of course) have to lead your sqaud to victory. You can give 3 different basic sqaud commands at any time. "Search and destroy" or "Go out and do your own thing and a lot of enemies". "Hold that position". And "Form up" or "Follow me aroud and cover me". But these are not the only things you can tell your sqaud. At specific areas there will be a location that has a icon that singles things like "Snipe here" or "blow this door open" you get the idea. At first you'll think this limits your tactics because the game is telling you where to put your men. But thats not the case. At some areas you'll have a lot of options on what to do. Also the game requires you to adapt to situations so you'll have to move your men around constantly. Depending on what kind of player you are will depend on where you want to put your men. Speaking of your men the sqaud AI is the most impressive I've ever seen(and thats a lot). They'll only do somthing stupid if you told them a stupid order. Enemys aren't quite that smart, but they are very agressive. Since you can't take a lot of blaster before you go down it provides plenty of challenge. If enemys get to close you can always ram a wrist knife into the're face for an instant kill(yes a knife that pops out of your wrist). The game is very hard. But when you do go down your teamates can revive you and vice versa. This can happen as many times as it needs and the only way for you to really lose is for everyone to die. Its not that realistic to die 4 times in a row and keep on fighting, but without it it would be impossible. 1 problem is the same button to order your men to do somthing is the same button to do somthing yourself so if your not right where you need to be you'll end up telling you men to do it instead of yourself. The game has a lot of sharp writing that will make you laugh oud loud more then once. The action is fast and crazy. Enemys manage to jump you just when you let down your gaurd(don't ever let down your gaurd). Enemys range from trandoshan slavers to battle droids to flying(and slightly annoying) genosions to scavinger droids that latch onto your head. Weapons are awsome. Even standerd guns like machine guns rocket launchers and snipers feel cool. Thats not to say the more esoteric guns don't feel fun to mess around with. There are 4 kinds of grenades. Regular, EMP grenade, sonic grenade, and flash grenade. The 2 biggest flaws with RC is that the campaign is pretty short and the multiplayer isn't that great.

Despite its problems RC is a must buy for tactical shooter fans and star wars fans a like. Its solid, fast, and difficult. And if this review didn't convince you you can download the free demo. Just type to google and pick the first one there. And trust me it will be more then enough to prove to you that star wars republic commando is game worth having.

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