A great tactical squad shooter that shows you the different side of Star Wars.

User Rating: 9 | Star Wars: Republic Commando PC
If you are thinking about this game when you see Star Wars in its name lightsabers, and huge jedi battles you will be dissapointed. While this game holds true to the Star Wars universe and feel it shows the different side of Star Wars, from the perspective of a Republic Commando. So it is more military oriented. You are a highly trained Republic Commando that goes behind enemy lines, and does a lot of other spec ops things. You go to three different places in the campaign, Geonosis, a Republic Cruiser, and Kashyyk. While the Campaign is short, the whole time is action packed. What makes it even better is the music. You will get all the awesome Star Wars music, and the best part is it will be at the correct time! This truly brings the epic amazing feel of Star Wars. Republic Commando is also innovative. The squad ai and commands are one of the best I have seen. Commanding your squad takes just a few buttons making it easy, but also very intuitive. Since it is easy, you can tell commands right away making it seem more real. Your squad ai is also awesome. They rarely get in your way, and listen really good to your commands. If you wanted to you could let your squad do everything, and you just hang back and still win. Your squad feels almost like it is real. Each member has their own personality, and specilazation. You will actually be counting on your squadmates. The graphics even today look great. The character models for the clones are awesome. The animations are great! Door breaches look, feel, and act real. This is one of the best Star Wars games ever. With its sleek squad, great animations and models, and just amazing squad gameplay this game is just plain awesome.