Enjoyable and Great Gameplay

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Wars: Republic Commando PC
The gameplay of this game is great. Once you enter this game, it is actioned packed from beginning to the end. The A.I I have to admit is just good that you will not have so much trouble with your aquad members and in rare cases, you will encounter that one of your squad members just was delayed by a pillar. That sucks. But the gameplay is great

The graphics is just right and it is not a system hog like most other games and you could do by any recent graphics card in the market right. The details are superb and light not heavy.

I have some issues with the sound in some cases. i really think the sound should have been better. Overall the sound quality is good.

I have to admit that the overall value of this game is just good and nothing else. Although the game has multiplayer, you rarely find enough people to enjoy the Fun.

Just another satisfied player overall